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If you’re a press operator, you know that every press is different. Variables such as the water and even the humidity of the room will affect the fountain solution in some way. Press operators have tried to mitigate these challenges with new technologies, yet many of these fail to yield consistent, positive results. Proportioners have proven to be unreliable and re-circulator instrumentation often needs to be recalibrated, which results in inaccurate readings.

When there is a problem on the press, often the first thing the press does is throw out all of the fountain solution. But if you simply discard your fountain solution, you are not actually identifying the problem. By monitoring the fountain solution, Metafix will help press operators understand the problem, its source, and when and why it occurred.

All the residual ink, paper and blanket wash end up in the fountain solution—it’s like the garbage of the press. With Metafix’s information and constant monitoring, you will be alerted via email or text when your fountain solution has been contaminated. We also allow the recycling of the fountain solution by monitoring, managing, and using this technological methodology. This results in less haul away and less waste.

Metafix can consistently monitor your fountain solution throughout the press run for variables like temperature, pH, conductivity, chemical volumes, solution flow rates, and more. Internet-ready connectivity provides the system with cloud data logging that customers can access to monitor their process digitally through Metatrax.

Metatrax is a database-driven environmental management system designed to capture and report all parameters measured by the fountain solution control unit through email, text, or web browser.

Here are just a few of the ways a managed fountain solution can benefit you:

  • Reduce waste and increase cost savings (Wasted paper is the largest expense in the printing industry. Don’t let it happen due to fountain solution.)
  • No more second guessing your press when you have consistent, accurate fountain solution
  • Increased press speed
  • Having a standard and reliable fountain solution will allow you to attain colour quicker
  • Online tracking and data logging

The Metafix Fountain Solution Control System (FSCS) is a two-part system consisting of the Fountain Solution Control Unit (FSC Unit) and MetaTrax, a proprietary Environmental Management System, designed to expand printers existing dedication to process improvement specifically for their Fountain Solution. Previously, monitoring the pH, temperature and conductivity of fountain solution was a manual process done with varying levels of consistency. With the Metafix FSCS, printers can expect improved quality and cost savings associated with the active measurement and management of their fountain solution.

Maintaining proper control of your fountain solution is a critical function in the pressroom and has been called more art than science. Implementing the Metafix Fountain Solution Control System is like having a highly trained chemist and artist managing your dampening/recirculation system. Combining the measurement and management capabilities of the FSC Unit with the reporting tools of MetaTrax gives printers a unique and powerful combination of quality improvement tools and substantial cost savings.

Metafix is a leader in waste treatment and chemical handling. We offer custom solutions to repurpose waste, comply with municipal sewer bylaws, and monitor the complete process online.

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