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In order for any company to improve their operations, reduce their expenses, or increase their sales, they must first gather the right data to know where opportunities exist. We help you not only gather important information, but also to put into context. One of the primary tools we use is called MetaTrax.

Metafix designed and developed MetaTrax, a proprietary Environmental Management System, to take the data that our equipment in the field collects and turn it into highly useful, actionable information. Our customers have unparalleled flexibility in determining what data they want reported, when and how often the reports are generated and ultimately what the reports look like. Coming soon, our customers will have access to their MetaTrax data via a secure Metafix intranet site.

MetaTrax customers receive real time alerts when operating conditions vary from acceptable ranges. These alerts can be sent via email and/or SMS message, alerting the company to potential problems before they become severe.

Each of our products are designed to integrate seamlessly with MetaTrax. For instance, in the prepress room, our CTP pH Control system has eliminated the need to store and haul CTP effluent. Combined with MetaTrax, companies now have access to precise waste volumes, confirmation of pH neutralization, and Sample Discharge reports ensuring they remain compliant with their local regulatory agency. When used in connection with our Developer Control System, MetaTrax assures operators that plate quality remains high while reducing the amount of chemistry they use.

In the pressroom, Metafix has introduced a first of its kind Fountain Solution Control System(TM). MetaTrax gives press operators previously unimagined insight into their dampening system. Capturing conductivity, pH, temperature and volume levels, pressroom managers now have access to operating conditions, eliminating the guesswork in troubleshooting quality and operational problems. Combining these detailed statistical reports with press data allows companies to create powerful data models for process improvement.

If it is true that you can’t manage what you can’t measure, MetaTrax is the ultimate management tool. By keeping our eye on your data, MetaTrax gives you the information you need, when you need it, the way you want it, helping you make better, more informed business decisions.

Metafix is a leader in waste treatment and chemical handling. We offer custom solutions to repurpose waste, comply with municipal sewer bylaws, and monitor the complete process online.

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