Metafix PhotoFinishing Compliance Management Products:

Micro E-Control

The MicroE-Control system is the most advanced, easy-to-operate, and attractive effluent management and silver recovery system on the market today. It is fully-automated, desilvers at a rate up to 1000 ml/minute (0.26 gal/min).

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Mix Exchanger

One-Time Use MiX eXchangers with MetaWool ensure maximum silver recovery and performance with the most stringent silver discharge regulations.
MiX eXchangers are available in two sizes, the 1400 and the 2000.

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Photo Finishing

One of the corner stones of Metafix’s history is silver recovery. With 30 years experience, we have been the leader for innovation and compliance in the industry.  We have used our experience in silver recovery and our innovations in other industrial markets to develop a new advanced system for the industrial x-ray market.
The Metafix Process Monitoring and Effluent Control System (MBX) has been developed as a two tier product.
While studying the industrial x-ray process, we discovered that pH is an important indicator of proper processor replenishment rates. The ideal replenishment rate has a unique pH; the MBX system collects and monitors the pH of the overflow developer and fixer. By doing so, the customer can be alerted if their processor is being under or over replenished.  With the addition of pH monitoring, the system also tracks the volume of the overflow. This helps to accurately track the amount of films processed and chemistry used.  With this information we can precisely determine the life of our patented silvery recovery columns. This avoids any compliance issue and enables us to correctly predict and maximize silver recovered.

So much so, that we pay our customers on volumes passed through the system and not on refining results. The system is Internet ready and communicates the collected data to our cloud based data logging system Metatrax. Customers are sent system reports and alarm notifications via email or SMS text.

Read the Photo Finishing Code of Management Practice (CMP)