dcs bannerThe Metafix Developer Control System ( DCS) has been designed to control and extend the life of your CTP developer. Total volume of chemical use is decreased while plate throughput increases. Time between processor chemical changes is also significantly extended.

The DCS patented monitoring technology – Probe / Ratio mode allows the machine to make intelligent decisions while blending a combination of fresh and recycled developer into the processors replenisher system. Intelligent monitoring allows for maximum savings without degrading plate quality.

The DCS will cycle and recirculate the entire volume of the processors Dev. tank several times per day. Our specifically designed 10 to 1 filtration system removes chemical contaminants such as suspended solids thus helping to increase the life of the working chemistry.

The DCS has a downloadable memory and is internet ready . Accurate activity, record keeping and savings information is only a few keystrokes away .
Proven results from a company whose track record speaks for itself .

Standard Features
- Monitors, controls and blends used and fresh developer automatically to maintain optimal conductivity while reducing total consumption.
- Filtration system increases plate throughput and reduces processor cleaning frequency.
- Internet ready system. If connected allows remote monitoring of your system and report generation.
- Modular components – Easy to service and maintain.
- Easily bypassed for cleaning purposes.
- Low Voltage 24V Pumps – Safe operation
- Accurate Peristaltic Pumps – Reliable clog-free operation.
- Key operation Alarms – Alerts operators to any errors.
- Easy to Install and set up.
- Small foot print – Only 4 s.q.ft.
- Toll- free hotline provides instant access to manufacturers direct service/support team.

DCS Product Information Bulletin

For more information email sales@metafix.com.