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Technological innovations have transformed the print process dramatically, yet it’s far from effortless. Industrial equipment is unique and requires onsite customization and calibration. Despite so many changes, printing is a modern alchemy performed by craftsmen. Metafix enhances the craft of printing while making it more manageable.

In pre press processes of the printing sector, a portion of Computer To Plate liquid developer waste can be recycled. This results in a reduction in the total volume of plate developer solution purchased and consumed, and its usage can be further optimized.

The unrecyclable discharge must then be neutralized to compliance according to municipal parameters. With Metafix environmental compliance systems, optimization, neutralization, and the data behind it all are working with your best interests in mind.

Metafix printing compliance management products include:

CTP PH Control

Until now, the only viable option for treating Computer to Plate (CTP) waste has been hauling, which is expensive, requires storage, handling and ultimately only transfers the problem elsewhere. Today, Metafix offers the first real alternative: The Metafix CTP-pH-Control System R4. This is not just a machine, it’s a waste management/tracking system that manages and monitors CTP effluent allowing generators to safely discharge all types of CTP effluent including Thermal, Photo-Polymer and Violet plate effluent onsite.

Fountain Solution Control

The Metafix Fountain Solution Control System (FSCS) is a two-part system consisting of the Fountain Solution Control Unit (FSC Unit) and MetaTrax, a proprietary Environmental Management System, designed to expand printers existing dedication to process improvement specifically for their Fountain Solution. Previously, monitoring the pH, temperature and conductivity of fountain solution was a manual process done with varying levels of consistency. With the Metafix FSCS, printers can expect improved quality and cost savings associated with the active measurement and management of their fountain solution.

Developer Recycler (DCS)

The Metafix Developer Control System (DCS) has been designed to control and extend the life of your CTP developer. Total volume of chemical use is decreased while plate throughput increases. Time between processor chemical changes is also significantly extended.

This is only a brief overview of the of the full capabilities of these technologies. To learn more about these and other Metafix innovations, visit our home page.

Metafix is a leader in waste treatment and chemical handling. We offer custom solutions to repurpose waste, comply with municipal sewer bylaws, and monitor the complete process online.

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