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Innovating great ideas

Since 1988 we have designed, manufactured, installed and serviced our industrial liquid waste compliance and management systems. We offer custom solutions to re-purpose waste, comply with municipal sewer bylaws, and monitor the complete process online. We specialize in the Printing, Photo Finishing and Plating markets.

If you are not following the performance of your products, you cannot predict results

Ethernet connection and the MetaTrax service program distinguish Metafix from its competitors and ensure the smooth operation of our systems with minimal user interaction required. Continuous monitoring and connectivity to our machines let us know about potential problems and alarms before the customer, therefore anticipating and predicting problems before they start. Our goal is to remain connected to our systems in order to achieve exceptional customer service.

Post Installation Monitoring

MetaTrax is our custom database for monitoring, tracking and analysis. By staying connected to our systems via Ethernet and following their performance online, we can anticipate incidents before they arrive and predict results. With minimal user interaction Metatrax allows our customers to focus on what’s important to them – their business.

Green before green

2013 marks the 25th anniversary of Metafix! With hundreds of years of accumulated experience and thousands of installations, the Metafix team can help you manage and monitor your liquid waste. Our expertise in environmental compliance, wastewater reduction, liquid recycling, particle filtration, pH neutralization, temperature control, conductivity monitoring and metal ion exchange, assures that our systems perform optimally everyday.

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