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The Metafix CMP Quality Plan

The Code of Management Practice: Guide for Photoprocessors outlines recommendations on technology, equipment, and management practices for controlling silver discharges from facilities that process photographic materials.

Metafix has taken the CMP recommendations and extracted 5 elements which we have incorporated into an ISO Quality Plan. In certain cases, we felt that the CMP guidelines were not reasonable when applied to our advanced technology. In these cases we applied our own higher standards to ensure maximum environmental performance at the least cost and effort to the end user.

The CMP guide is produced by the Silver Council, a national group of trade associations, technical societies, municipalities, and government agencies whose members are vitally affected by the regulation of silver.

The Silver Council’s purpose is to encourage communication between the regulatory and regulated communities, to support scientific research, and to share current scientific, technical and economic information about silver so that the common goals of pollution prevention, recycling, water conservation, and performance can be met.

Metafix Responds


  • Metafix one-column technology supported by 5 years of documented research
  • Efficiency: 99% standard with ONE MetaWool column applied to all size facilities.
  • MetaWool does not require priming with water
  • Preventative maintenance: containment tray, spill sensors, puck, alarms, supported by service and trainingWater conservation: Enviro-Jet offers strategic use of water, “water timer”
  • *obstructions are inevitable and WILL accumulate in lines and drains and in second CRC and WILL restrict flow, causing back-ups, strategic use of water prevents this./li>
Process Control
  • Grams/liter based on actual results
  • Replenishment rates (rolls/prints per liter)
  • Can be reviewed between sites and/or different period-Enviro-Jet eliminates the need to remove the lines and rinse them with hot water each time CRCs are replaced.
  • Eliminates the need to do this MORE OFTEN if there are several hours when no solution is flowing through the CRCs
  • Commingling all chemicals, including bleach and developer
  • Combine low flow wash with other silver-bearing solutions to be treated
  • Performance-based limits: < 5 ppm = 99% for all customers (input > 500 ppm)
  • P2 supported by service, equipment, and reporting
Service, Support & Training
  • Spill response: support
  • Good housekeeping: Log form: routinely verify for leaks, floors, orderly and clean, off-hours response
  • Safety and securityP2 — levels of response: high/med/low
  • Metering of solution: verified by periodic field review
  • Flow rate: verified in manufacturing and in the field
  • Verify equipment for leaks: part of routine log
  • Training for key operators and required staff: on site at the time of installation
  • Follow-up available with video and written documentation
Testing, Monitoring & Reporting
  • 90-day sample check, part of routine
  • Blockage: level sensors and alarms, verification calls
  • Chemical profile: sample of each processing chemical for pH, Ag and replenishment rate-pH included in routine sample check and adjustment
  • Capacity: MetaTrax monitoring with inspection of spent column
  • AA vs. silver paper: Metafix uses ANSI standards in testing for Ag